Videography Repertoire

Videography Repertoire - a collection of essential video shots that represents the standard work of videography. All videographers should learn to properly compose the shots in the videography repertoire.

Establishing Shot

A shot that reveals the setting where the action will take place (usually a long shot, usually the first shot in a scene).

Long Shot

contains the entire subject you are shooting.  A long shot of a person includes the person from head to toe and shows most of the surroundings.

Medium Long Shot

includes the body from the ankles and up and shows most of the surroundings.  Does not show the feet.

Medium Shot

includes the body from the knee or waist area and up and shows most of the surroundings.  Don’t use in-between the knees, use waist and up or knees and up.

Medium Closeup

includes the head to just above the chest area and shows some of the surroundings but the subject is the most important part of the shot. This shot is used in yearbook photos.


includes the head and neck and shows some of the surroundings.

Extreme Closeup

includes only a part of a person’s face and none of the surroundings.

Over The Shoulder

the head and shoulder of a person is in the foreground, and the subject of the shot is in the background.