Video Production 1

Video Production 1 is a serious course that teaches students how to make broadcast quality Newscast, PSA's, commercials, and music videos. Students are taught the correct way of handling production equipment as well as how to act professionally on a shoot. Furthermore, they learn the basic techniques on how to frame shots using the seven basic shots of the video repertoire. Yes there are about a million different types of shots out there, but these are those most common.


Students will also learn key time management skills. With strict deadlines and only forty minutes a day to do their work, students are forced to work under pressure, work together as a team, and manage time to successfully complete their work. This is a fast paced, challenging, and exciting course that will prepare students for higher education as well as the work place.

Students will learn how to do the following:

Create A basic newscast

Tape the Pledge of Allegiance

Shoot a scene with one camera

Create a PSA

Create Music Video

Create a Commercial

Videography Repertoire

Click to see the different shots you need to know!

There are Three Main Steps In Producing 

A Final Production:




Students will be responsible for for knowing what jobs are involved in each individual step.


    •    Pre-production: is the initial part of a video production during which the video's goals are established. The script is written and honed, story boarding may be done, the budget is set and the scenes and subjects are planned and chosen. During preproduction students will learn how to write a treatment, script, and storyboard. They will also delegate personnel positions among their groups, such as producer, director, script writers, stoyboarder, and positions for other steps of the production such as a cameraman, sound technician, editor, and other personnel. They will also set-up timeliness for each step to be completed, line-up actors, and acquire locations to shoot their projects. Students will learn that preparation is the key to being successful.

    •    Production: The actual step in which an event is recorded and/or televised live. During production students will use the scripts and storyboards they created during preproduction to shot raw footage. They will learn how to record the correct amount of pre-roll, roll, and exit-roll. Use a slate before each shot and successfully fill out a production log/camera rundown sheet. Furthermore, they will frame their shots correctly by adhering to the seven shots of the Video Repertoire.


    •    Post-production: The final step, the process of editing video after completing all other production steps.